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Learning Related Vision Issues

Vision has a direct impact on learning and concentrating.  Obvious visual symptoms which may have an impact on academic performance are blurred and/or double vision.  Less obvious signs, such as poor ocular movements, poor binocular vision and/or poor focusing skills, can be just as harmful to one’s ability to learn.  Vision issues which impact learning can be either developmental, stress-induced or both. Testing that focuses on eye sight and eye health and that does not evaluate all aspects of vision is inadequate and will not identify learning-related vision issues.  A complete developmental evaluation including sensorimotor and operational thinking activities is necessary to evaluate the effect of visual issues on learning/school performance. Click HERE to learn more about Developmental Exams.

Treatment for learning-related visual issues does not address specific educational skills such as reading or writing, but instead improves the visual building blocks necessary to be able to focus, concentrate and problem-solve. After a complete Developmental Vision Exam, Dr. Jacobs may recommend therapeutic, stress-reducing lenses and/or Optometric Vision Therapy to address learning-related vision issues.  Click HERE to learn more about Optometric Vision Therapy.

Below are some good resources for additional information on learning-related vision issues:

www.pavevision.org          Parents Active for Vision Education

www.covd.org                  College of Optometrists in Vision Development